Yoga Mats

I highly recommend Envision Personal Fitness. Allie has helped me in so many ways. She is a wonderful trainer and I consider her to be a very close friend!

Girl Running

Allie is always personable and professional. She truly cares about her clients and strives to create a comfortable environment. She's great at individualized plans to ensure everyone reaches their goals.

Gym Equipments

I loved working out with Allie. She really understood my goals and helped me with my weight lifting! She’s an amazing person to work with and is always finding the best ways to help her clients.

Gym Equipments

Allie is amazing! I highly recommend her to anyone! This girl is beautiful inside and out. She truly cares about you and helping you achieve your goals.

Practicing Yoga

Allie has been such a huge influence on getting myself healthy. She is very professional and truly cares about her clients. She helps set attainable goals and works with you one on one to achieve the goal that you want. I highly recommend Allie and her services!

Exercise Bands

Allie is so informative and really cares about her clients. I have worked with her several times and have learned so much from her! You won’t be disappointed!

Workout with Fit Ball

I first began training with Allie during covid shut down. She was like a gallon of gas on my fitness fire. I didn't know how far I could go until she walked in my journey. There is no other name that stepped in to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction even when the gyms were closed. She is stuck with me now.

Lifting Barbell

I started seeing Allie when I was 2 months postpartum. She understood how important it was to listen to my body after just having a baby and made sure I was comfortable with every exercise. After moving, she has continued to work with me virtually to reach my goals.

Kettle Ball

When I first started working out with Allie I was very self conscious and uncomfortable lifting weights. Allie pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and in the end I was able to walk into the weight room and lift with confidence. She is simply the best. Her love and compassion for what she does and her clients is undeniable.

Strong Woman

Allie has made such a huge impact on my life and my weight training goals. She would always see the best in me, more than I could see in myself. She always pushed me when I wouldn’t push myself and gave me the positivity that I needed. Very very professional and caring.


I love my Allie workouts! She helped me lose weight and look amazing before I got pregnant. I will definitely be relying on her to get back in shape now that the baby is here.

Medicine Balls

Allie is so in tune with everyone’s individual needs. She doesn’t just offer a one size fits all program. She takes the time to evaluate your needs as an individual and is willing to adjust accordingly through your journey with her. She puts in the work along with you as you progress!


If you are starting at square one or you're a “gym rat” this chick right here can get you to whatever square you want to be on or promote you to Super gym rat status. Her care and compassion move me! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you and am looking forward to getting square one completed! (My story is I’ve had tons of surgeries and been bedridden, so I have literally zero to bring to the table. I’m almost 2 years in remission and looking to take my life back and get back to all the adventures a person can squeeze in a lifetime! )

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